Professional Sales Staff Needed

Professional Sales Staff

Halogen Security Company Limited

Halogen Security Company Limited is recruiting for full time Professional Sales Staff.

  • Location(s): • Lagos, South West — Nigeria
  • Specialization: • Sales / Business Development
  • Industry: • Security Agencies
  • Application Deadline: December 20, 2017
  • Job Type Full time


Halogen Security Company Limited is the number one provider of professional Security Solutions in West Africa, currently transforming into an integrated global specialist end to end Risk management & security solutions group by offering strategic protection solutions and safety in our changing and open world. We are therefore attracting the best, bold, energetic and globally aware talents to drive our new subsidiaries and strategic business units to focused market segments

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Professional Sales Staff

Location: Lagos

Slot: Over 500



Not Specified


Bachelor’s Degree/HND


Not Specified



  • Candidate must be a degree holder HND/B.Sc in any course of study and class of degree
  • 25 years and above.
  • Willing and passionate about Sale
  • Little or no experience as adequate training will be rendered.


  • The client is willing to pay #37,000 base pay and increase to this will be performance driven.
  • Commission it tied to every transaction/deal you are able to close successfully.
  • Opportunity to be converted as full term employee will be based on performance.

Application Closing Date
20th December, 2017.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV’s to email with the subject “Professional Sales Staff” to

For enquiries, contact: 09090328028

Note: The client needs over 500 Sales Staff, in this regard, you can refer this advert to anybody who meets the requirement and is willing to start a career in Sales.



Most times, as startup entrepreneurs, it is easier to give up when almost everything seems stagnant. But it is important to note that success doesn’t happen over night even if it feels like it does.

It is often a night of several years of hard work and consistency. No one achieves success by stopping at a first defeat.

I like to define Success as the ability to go from one failure to another without giving up.

People who have achieved great feats in life and have ultimately become successful are those who refused to give up at a first defeat.

You may have probably heard the story of Ugo Monye…..the overnight successful male fashion designer. Whose success was wrought by consistency. Ugo Monye had been in the fashion industry for close to 10 years but had been in the dark….or let’s say, no one knew about him.

Ugo’s success story was wrought when he made an outfit for Ebuka which was worn to Banky and Adesuwa’s wedding during the weekend.

The outfit, which was phenomenal caught the attention of everyone and almost stole the day as everyone paid more attention on him.

Everyone was desirous to know who his designer was and that was how Ugo Monye was discovered.

He didn’t run ads, didn’t do digital marketing, and didn’t spend tens or hundreds or thousands of whatever currency to get more than 10,000 followers in less than a week.

Yet he has gotten more clients, more inquiries, and more prospects as a reason of these exposure and free publicity that he has gotten.

As at the time of creating this post, it will interest you to know that his followership on Instagram had risen to over 55,000 followers. Whereas, before the exposure he had only 5,000 followers.

Ugo Monye had created something like this before, remember he had been in the business for close to 10 years and has been consistently diligent at it.

But what brought about his sudden discovery and success was not the outfit, but his consistency.

What if he had given up after a year or two when no one or not much patronized him? Would he have achieved this feat?

Whatever you do, it is important that you remain consistent at it and never give up. Successful people have one thing in common, they never give up on their goals.

Even the Holy Books has this to say about consistency, “Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let your hands not be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well”.

In essence, keep doing what you are doing continually, for you do not know when you will blow.

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So you finally landed a job interview after several attempts at trying to get one. Congratulations! You don’t want to attend the interview naive and unprepared and risk chances of getting that job.

Here are few tips to successfully guide you through the interview process.

Dress the work:

It is important you dress properly to any job interview irrespective of the position you are applying for. You must dress the work so as to appear smart, ready and corporate.

Be polite:

Regardless of whoever you meet, it is very important that you are polite to even the security or the receptionist. Remember that you haven’t gotten the job and they still have a part to play in your chances of getting the job. What if you were rude to the security at the gate and he denies you entry into the venue?

Do your homework:

Your homework is to do a thorough research on the company you’re interviewing at. Ensure you find out from previous or present employees details about the company. And if you don’t have access to any of the employees, you can use the internet or ask around.

Be on time:

In an interview I attended some time ago, attendance was taken according to the time everyone arrived the venue. A man who was some minutes lost the interview. Though, he claimed it was traffic, he was denied access of being interviewed.

Be prepared:

A lot of people just attend interviews without adequately preparing and expect to thrill the employers. You must study likely questions to be asked during an interview and be prepared for them.

Be relaxed:

One way to be successful at an interview is to be relaxed even when interviewed. This does not only make you feel confident but also grants you the opportunity to think through a question before giving the answer.

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Lagos State Trainee Program Success Story

Lagos State Trainee Program Success Story

The Lagos State Trainee Program is a 3 month paid Internship Scheme. It is for graduates who have been unemployed for a minimum of 1 year after National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). It is under the ministry of wealth creation and employment which was established by the Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode. It was established to address the issue of unemployment crisis in the state. The ministry, pursuing this mandate to create employment developed various initiatives and one of which is the “Graduate Internship Program”.

One of the beneficiaries of this Internship Program is Titilope Ope-Ogungbo. Titi, a graduate of Mass Communication from the Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos, shared her success story with us.

Lagos State Trainee Program

After she completed her National Youth Service, it took her over a year to get her first job as an executive assistant. According to her, she was able to apply for the Lagos State Internship Program through a friend who sent her the link.

Titi received a call after some months and was informed she had been selected for the program. She was placed in a human resource firm, Mactay Consulting. And assumed duty in August 2017 as a content writer and sales marketing intern.

Lagos State Trainee Program

When asked what she had learnt so far from the company, she shared her experience with us. She said, “In my experience, I have learnt work itself. Collecting data, conducting research, giving presentations. Working with the company has helped me develop more on some of my aptitudes such as analytical solving, problem solving and communication skills. It has also helped me to reflect on my career path
and increased my network”.

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5 Daily Habits That’ll Make You Feel Successful At Work

5 Daily Habits That’ll Make You Feel Successful At Work

You know, there are some days you leave work feeling amazing, satisfied that you were highly productive or simply happy that you met you target. While there are other days you left work feeling frustrated and wondering if you got anything done. There are habits that’ll make you feel successful at work if practiced. While many only dream of success, others get up and make it happen. Your daily routine such as what you do before, during, and after work goes a long way in affecting your happiness and productivity in the work place.

Here are five daily habits, which, if practiced regularly, can boost your success at work.

1. Keep a gratitude journal:

For each day, find something that you are thankful for and make a note of it. This practice helps you become more optimistic and cheerful at work.

2. Focus on a particular task per time:

You are working on a project and a few minutes later, you remember something you ought to have done. You quickly switch and start working on an entirely new project. According to an analysis by Jessica Harris, it takes an average of 25 minutes to resume a task after being interrupted. So if you want to be successful at work, then you must maintain focus on a particular task per time.

3. Exercise:

Exercise, no doubt is beneficial to the body. When you exercise, your brain functions better and makes you feel more focused. Taking a short break and going for a walk in the middle of the day can help reduce stress at work.

4. Eat Healthy:

How you fuel your body before, during and even after work can have significant repercussions on your ability to perform at your best. Make healthy eating choices that could enhance your productivity at work.

5. Shutdown and prepare for the next day:

Cultivate the habit of clearing your desk after work. You should also prepare for the following day by writing out projects or tasks that must be accomplished. This makes you think less about work when you’re at home. It also reduces anxiety as you already know the first task to work on the following day.

Though, each of these five habits is intended to help you be more successful at work, it’s important to also pause and take a moment to define what success means to you. Aligning your actions to what’s important to you by your definition of success guarantees real and lasting success.

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Don’t be afraid to fail

Don’t be afraid to fail

Failure is a step to achieve success. Without failure, there wouldn’t be success. Failure is finding a better approach to a matter. So, don’t be afraid to fail.

For the large part of my life I had the fear of Failure, however more and more each passing day I am realizing that nobody really cares whether you fail or succeed.
In fact very few will remember… Those little failures you have experienced in the past are still just in your own head.
Many people have forgotten, and have moved on… Afterall they have their own problems and are busy freaking worrying about what other people think of their failures.
What a twisted reality, everyone is busy overestimating in what manner other people think about them…
If you don’t want to take that action, because “what if it flops, what will other people say?”
Newsflash: Other people don’t even care!
They’ll remember it for a few days, or a few weeks, maybe a few months, and if it is very grand, maybe a few years….But they will also quickly replace it if you have a success story that tops that. Once you understand that, You’ll wonder why you ever worried in the first place…
The bottom line is: people don’t care about your failures as much as you do, people don’t even remember, they’re busy trying to understand their own lives…
Understanding this will help you embrace the idea that “Failure is also part of the Process”.

Life is too short to let fear make big decisions for you. As Denis Waitley rightly said,
“Forget about the consequences of failure. Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success.”

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Interview Questions: Do you consider yourself successful?

Interview Questions: Do you consider yourself successful?


You are having an interview session and then somewhere, just out of the blues, you’re asked do you consider yourself successful?

This is a question most people fail to answer correctly as they make haste to give either a Yes or No answer without considering or answering the why of it.

Yes, if you think you are successful, explain why you think so, and the same goes for a negative answer.

Most interviewers purposely ask this question to test the interviewee’s IQ, employers want to know if you consider yourself successful, why you think so by explaining a situation how you achieved success in time past.

The best way to answer this question is to start by defining what success means to you, and answering the question in the affirmative (because no one wants to hire a failure) and then finally, citing an instance in the past when you attained success. Either in school or a previous employment.

For example, you could say: I define success as the ability to achieve an aim, a set goal or a standard. So yes, I consider myself successful because I have, at several times set goals and achieved them. When I was in school, my major goal was to attain success in my career and become the best graduating student in my department. So, I ensured I took my studies seriously. I usually set out time each day to read after lectures even when we were not close to having exams. At first, it seemed a difficult task to achieve, but as I kept at it, I got used to it, and in the end, it paid off as I graduated as the best student in my department.

With an effective answer mentioned above, you are most likely to get hired. Good luck in your future interviews. Cheers, and wishing you the best in your future career path.


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