MICROSOFT OFFICE: Skills for workplace productivity

MICROSOFT OFFICE: Skills for workplace productivity

Being proficient in Microsoft Office as a job seeker could give you an edge over others who are not. Microsoft skills are very important must have skills in any organization. This is because tasks are easier carried out with these applications.
Microsoft Office is an office suite of applications, servers, and services developed by Microsoft. It is designed to make business much easier and faster. Some of its applications that are of utmost importance to an organization are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint.

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word is a graphical word processor made by the Microsoft company which allow users type and save documents.Most people use it for C.V writing, letter writing, invitation cards, and a host of other things.

Some of its tools that helps make a document are:

    • Spelling & grammar checker, word count (this also counts letters and lines)
    • Speech recognition
    • Inserts pictures in documents
    • Special codes
    • Web pages, graphs, etc.
    • Tables
    • Displays synonyms of words and can read out the text
    • Prints in different ways.

Watch this tutorial video to help you further understand this skill:

Microsoft Excel:

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet Program.

An electronic spreadsheet is a computer software program used for storing, organizing and manipulating data.

To know how to use it, watch this video:

Microsoft PowerPoint:

Microsoft PowerPoint makes presentations through slideshows from the computer. It usually includes text, pictures, videos and sounds and is particularly useful for presentations to large groups.

Learn more about using PowerPoint by watching this video:

Virtually all organizations make use of Microsoft Office and if you want to be productive in the workplace, you need to have a good working knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Office. Having a working knowledge of these programs will make you more valuable when you’re looking for a job. None of them are difficult to use, and will help you stand out if you’re vying for a promotion or seeking to switch jobs. but taking a class will really show you what you can do with these programs.

Four important computer skills to get you employed

Four fundamental computer skills to get you employed

In modern society, having strong computer skills makes you more employable across any job market. If you are not proficient in the most fundamental skills, you must learn them.  The most important tech skills you must master are – Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook. If you are familiar with the essentials, it is recommended that you further your understanding and become an expert by asking your colleagues or attending Microsoft Suite classes.

Computer skills to get you employed

Microsoft Word

computer skills

Microsoft Word is an excellent word processing application that is typically used to write reports, business proposal, academic research papers and resumes. Virtually all employees in modern society should have some familiarity with this program, as any work environment that needs to produce written material will need the benefits of Word.

If you are already familiar with basic word uses, it is recommended that you brush up on executing more complex tasks such as formatting documents, merging mail and modifying macro scripts, in order to really impress recruiters.

Microsoft Excel

computer skills

Microsoft Excel is most commonly used to manage finances or to gain information from data quickly. Computer users employ the popular program to create spreadsheets and checklists. In order to ease the process of forming these documents, Excel permits the use of formulas and standard functions to enable automatic calculations. Excel also allows users to convert data into various charts, which are visually appealing and can be copied into presentation programs.

Microsoft PowerPoint

computer skills

Microsoft PowerPoint is a fantastic presentation application, which allows employees to prepare material for management or colleagues in a dynamic manner. The application has many built-in backgrounds and themes that allow users to create unique and impressive presentations quickly. Presentations can include pictures, sounds and other multi-media, as imported by the user. PowerPoint is commonly used by the sales and marketing departments in order to pitch new products to clients or illustrate sales forecasts to management.

Microsoft Outlook

computer skills

Outlook is a great tool to use when sending, receiving and storing emails, but it can also be utilised as an information management system. Outlook enables users to compose daily, weekly and monthly calendars that they may choose to share with other users. The calendar tool also allows employees to send invitations for events to other employees and keep a journal of to-do tasks. It also features task remainders and the ability to store contacts. Outlook is great for anyone in the company, from business executives to admin staff, as it allows the organisation to share important dates and events, thereby increasing productivity.
Match your skills to the job-requirements

But remember that many skills are job specific, meaning that when you are applying for positions, you should always mention the skills that are most aligned to that exact job position in order to have the best opportunity to get employed.

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