Jobseekers, let’s talk about body odour. While preparing for interviews, we focus so much on writing the perfect resume and cover letter. Well, I have news for you- you might have the perfect resume, qualifications and still fail the interview before it even starts.

There are some candidates that take your breath away and not in a good way. Your resume might be impeccable, but if you walk into a job interview and the interviewer’s nose starts to burn, that’s going to present a problem. Body odour distracts the interviewer and prevents him from asking questions that are pertinent to your interview success. If you walk into the room oozing, the interviewer will want to wrap it up very fast so you can leave.

Odours to be conscious of when attending an interview:

Cigarette/alcohol smell: We have seen several warnings about the side effects of smoking and alcohol. However, if you still want to go ahead and do these things, that’s a personal choice and is really nobody’s business. At least don’t do it before an interview. Going in for an interview smelling like a burning building is not going to do you any favours. Apart from the stench of alcohol, you give off the vibe of an irresponsible person. I mean, who smokes before an interview anyway?

Heavy perfume: We all love our designer perfumes. Some people would go back home after walking a few kilometres just because they forgot to use perfume. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using perfume, however, moderation is key. You don’t need to bathe in it. A couple of spritzes will suffice. You don’t want to burn the interviewer’s nose with your scent. This will not work in your favour.

Mouth odour: Trust me, you don’t want to talk and have people holding their breath. There are several causes of bad breath, medical and non-medical. Non-medical causes of mouth odour include smoking, eating smelly foods (garlic, onions), terrible oral hygiene, and dry mouth. If your mouth odour is not caused by a medical condition, you have no excuse. Brushing, flossing and using mouthwash regularly should work wonders. Also, don’t ignore your tongue when brushing, scrub it well.

Suffice it to say, that if people smell  (bad smell) you before they see you, you might not be getting that job. It might seem unfair to be judged based on the way you smell. But put yourself in the shoes of the employer, and the people you will work with if hired. Imagine someone with body odour attending to clients.

The bottom line is to maintain good personal hygiene. Cleanliness, after all, is next to godliness.

Job Seeking Tactics: The Dilemma of Expressing Humility while Marketing Yourself


Job Seeking Tactics: The Dilemma of Expressing Humility while Marketing Yourself

By Vanessa Ogborun-Rotimi

How can we express humility and also market ourselves? Is it possible to do both? How do we ensure we don’t come off as boastful or unintelligent by downplaying our achievements? Should we even downplay our achievements at all? Do we do a tell-all at job interviews or on the bio space of our social network profiles or simply wait until we are asked?

All these are valid questions for job seekers. However, the answers vary amongst several factors. From socio-economic requirements, the job requirements and even interviewer requirements! Some interviewers expect that you toot your own horn, while others prefer a full display of humility and submission.

Also, note that some positions require years of experience and expertise; i.e. managerial and supervisory positions, some others require that the course studied should correspond with job description and also individual interest; i.e. internship roles, while some simply require physical looks and personal traits; i.e modeling and acting roles.

What is important is that a thorough investigation of the company and job requirements should be studied by job seekers and action plans can therefore be determined.

Proper research should be carried out to know if you are perfect for the vacant role and if you are, further information should be sought to know if the employer requires that you prove that you know your onions or just stay attentive until you are asked for an information. Doing what is required is key!

Success is your job search!