Have you ever wondered if a job is real or a scam? Sometimes, it can be hard to tell the difference. Scammers prey on job seekers at every slightest opportunity because they know that you are willing to get out of the ‘unemployed status’. It could be frustrating as a graduate without a job or even an offer. Once you eventually get an offer, you quickly jump into it without considering if it is scam or real. After spending money on transporting to the venue, you realize it’s a scam interview and become heartbroken. Some don’t even return alive.

Here are some tips to spotting a scam job interview before it is too late.

No name

Most of the job interview scams do not have a company name. Only the address of the venue, time and date of the interview and sometimes, a phone number will be included.

Too juicy

A scam job interview will always be too juicy, that is, too good to be true. Good jobs are hard to find, but these job scam offer often offer unrealistic good conditions in order to lure you into believing them. For example, a work from home job that pays you more than twice a normal 9-5 job, and you only get to work for 4 hours. Interesting right? That’s a sure red sign.

You never applied there

I once got a job interview after my NYSC while still searching for a job. I never applied for this job and my name was included in the message with a phone number attached to it. After discussing with the person on phone, I talked to other people too, and I realized it was a scam.

You’re asked to pay for something

The most important red sign of a scam interview is when you’re asked to pay for something. Why should you pay them? You should be paid instead. They ask you to pay for an identity card, application form, training fee, etc. No reason is valid enough to make you pay for an employment.

Grammatical blunders

One way to spot a scam job interview is by checking for grammatical errors in the message. Real companies hire professionals who can write well, so if you spot an error in the job invite, it is an indication that you’re about to be scammed.

You’re asked to provide confidential information

Some scammers ask you for your bank account information like, the number on your card or something private. They may even ask you to open a new account and give them all the information. Some give you an insecure website link to go and fill a form where you include details of yourself.

You get the job instantly

You can easily identify a scam interview when you are immediately offered the job after a brief phone interview. Recruitment is in process, and in most cases, takes time. You might have to attend an interview more than once to be given a job offer.

As the quest for employment increases, the chances of getting scammed increases. Hence, make sure you attend only interviews you are sure of and don’t be in a hurry to accept an offer. And if you’re applying online, ensure you use only trusted job sites that have privacy policies and only allow verified employers.

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