If you already have a business website, then, one sure way to keep it going is consistent blogging. You will agree with me that an improved blog style will help you build customers on the web. Blogging helps you generate traffic to your website and ultimately land you customers.

But how can you make your blog worth the time it takes to create and maintain? Blogging can be intimidating, especially when you know how valuable a tool it can be, and it can also be frustrating if you’re not seeing the results everyone else seems to have.

Here are simple ways you can improve your blogging:

1.  Use More Visual Content

People relate more to visuals ( what they see) than text ( what they read). One sure way to bore your readers is create a blog post without any visuals attached.

You should use visual content like pictures to tell a story to your readers. This keeps them engaged and interested in what you have to say. Also remember to space the pictures out and use them at the beginning. If the reader has to scroll all the way to the end of the post, you’ve already lost them.

2.  Use Survey Tools

To know what your readers like or don’t like about your blog, you must consistently ask them for suggestions.

As you begin to understand your audience better, you’ll also begin to understand what drives them to buy, and you can then effectively change your approach.

Although, survey tools can be very helpful to learn more about your audience, they can also quickly become a hassle to your site visitors. Always give your readers a choice when it comes to surveys. Forcing them to take a survey is a quick way to ensure they’ll never return to your blog.

3.  Ensure Consistency

People like consistency, and they like to know a site always have what to offer them. When you have a consistent blog, you are encouraging visitors to come back to your site to read more useful information. A blog without consistency can discourage site visitors from ever visiting your site.

4.  Create Clear Calls to Action

Blogs are all about providing useful information, which means it’s easy for people to focus solely on providing the content while missing the chance to provide an effective call to action. This, in turn, can have a big impact on whether or not casual visitors convert to paying customers.

Calls to action on blogs may consist of asking the visitor to subscribe to a newsletter or read the entire blog post or a wide range of other activities. If you don’t make these calls to action clear, site visitors will land on a page and not realize what they can do on the site or why they should do it.

These are all things you want your visitors to be doing. Place calls to action in logical places where the reader will be sure to see them, but not where they interrupt the overall user experience.

5.  Improve Social and Sharing Options

Think about a time you saw a particular post somewhere more than once from different people. It is human nature to find something useful or informative and quickly want to share it with a friend.
Make your share button clearly visible on each and every post on your blog. If someone finds the content interesting or useful, they’ll then be able to share it with all of their friends.
You can also create an actual plan for distributing blog posts on social media. Each social media platform has a different audience, so you’ll want to plan on creating a different approach for each site.
Your blog may have some great content, but you need to promote it effectively to make sure it reaches the right audience.

Improving you blog will take time and energy, but with dedication, research and creativity, you can quickly increase your blog traffic and engagement. Follow the tips listed above to create a clear and focused blog that provides unique content for anyone that stops by.

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