What Happens After NYSC

What Happens After NYSC

As the passing out parade (POP) for some corps members is fast approaching, the fears of those actually passing out is on the increase.

Many are scared as to what they may do or where they may go after the oil from the pot which is popularly called “allawee” runs dry.

As an ex corps member myself, I decided to share these few tips which will undoubtedly help you in your quest for success after the scheme is over.

What To Do After NYSC

1. Cultivate the habit of investment:

This is definitely not the time to consume whatever funds you have left of your total allowance. You may not be getting one anytime soon, so invest the little you have left, if any.

2. Apply for jobs:

Of course you already know that a job will not suddenly land on your palms from the sky. Not that I don’t believe in miracles though, but you and I know you have to apply for these jobs. So why squeeze your face or lazy around….about the idea. You want a job? Then apply. Simple. And even if you don’t get the job at your first or second attempt, re-apply. That’s the only way to actually get it.

3. Build a Network:

In Nigeria today, one of the fastest means to get a job today is by networking. A friend who knows someone that knows someone who has an Uncle who is the MD of a company and that could be where your help will come from. Networking is very important in your job hunt.

4. Further Studies:

If after completing your NYSC, you feel the need to further your studies and have sufficient funds to do so, then you should. Further studies could also be in terms of personal development. There are many free events that you could attend instead of remaining idle.

As a recent entrant into the Labour market, or Favour market as it’s widely called by most believers, it is expedient of you to ensure you do not remain stagnant. Always strive to become better than you were the previous day.

Learn something new, do something different….Take charge of your life.

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As the days of a serving corp member gradually comes to an end, the thoughts of many are usually laced with questions and confusion. The question of how to find a decent job? Where next to go? and What to do? comes to play in their hearts.

In my case, I was almost 100% sure I would be retained at my place of primary assignment. The day came when discharge certificates were issued. The organization celebrated us by organizing a party for us and issued the outstanding corpers a recommendation letter. I felt heartbroken, considering the amount of labor, dedication, and sacrifice I went through for the organization. After 3 months of fruitless effort trying to secure a position at the organization, I was broke. I realized I had wasted so much time, money, and energy, without achieving anything.

I took the following steps that turned things around for me and eventually got me my first job;

 Return home:

unless you have a steady flow of income, the first thing to do after NYSC, is to head back home or move to a friend or relative’s place. So you wouldn’t have to spend so much on feeding, accommodation, and other trivial expenses.

Improve yourself:

work on yourself. Don’t relax expecting manna to fall from somewhere. Read books, inspiring articles, learn a skill, attend seminars or further your education.

Use the internet:

in a world where almost everything has gone digital, it is important you make good use of the internet. You could find various job opportunities on the internet.

Apply for jobs:

applying for job vacancies is one of the first steps to getting your dream job. If you want to get a chance to the interview stage, you need to first apply.

Attend the interview:

finally, attend interviews. If you don’t attend interviews, how will you make mistakes? and if you don’t make mistakes, how will you learn? It is important you attend every interview and learn from your mistakes if you are not taken.

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