Improve Your Work Life

Habits To Help Improve Your Work Life

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Habits To Help Improve Your Work Life

Improving your work life has so much to do with mental health balance. As Vikram Patel rightly said “There is no health without mental health balance; mental health is too important to be left to the professionals alone and mental health is everyone’s business.”

To go about your business successfully, your mental health has to be in check.

Here are few tips to cultivate mental health practices to include in your everyday work life so as to work smarter.

1. Meditation

You probably must have heard the word “meditation” over and again and must have gotten tired of hearing it included in almost every health-work-life-balance talks. But that’s because you haven’t tried it yet to experience the richness it possesses. Practitioners of meditation over time have become so accustomed to its practices because of its benefits. Meditation is one way to get relieved of stress, anxiety.

2. Exercise

Exercise is of course one of the ways to maintain physical health, it is also a way to maintain a good mental health. While it might be difficult to add exercise into our already daily busy schedule, we could incorporate it in our daily activities like taking a brisk walk instead of taking a motorcycle or bike, running/jogging instead of walking casually. Exercising has a way of enhancing our mood and reducing stress.

3. Healthy Meals

I can’t count how many times I’d put in junks in my stomach instead of a healthy meal. This is so wrong as what you put into your body affects your physical health as much as it does, your mental health. Always strive to maintain a healthy diet.

Did you know? Some processed foods such as fats and sugar contributes to the development of diseases ranging from mental illness to brain damage.

Did you know? That eating some processed foods such as fats and sugar can inhibit some cognitive abilities such as memory and learning capacity. Watch what you eat.

4. Don’t Let That Smartphone Outsmart You

For some, smartphones have replaced smart people. Instead of connecting and meeting on a one on one basis, they will rather connect over the phone. While this is important, a study by the University of Gothebhug discovered that excess usage of smartphones could result in stress, depress symptoms, sleep disorders which of course has an adverse effect on our mental health.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Whenever I want to assimilate something better, all I do is sleep. Once I wake up, I pick up my book and read, I realize I’m able to assimilate better and clearly too. Not getting enough sleep could lead to stress which will impact negatively on your mental health. Depriving yourself of sleep can hamper your ability to think clearly and you sure do need to get enough sleep to think clearly.

It is easy to get so overwhelmed in this era of “business” that we pay little or no attention to our health. These few tips which could be incorporated into our daily work life could help.


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